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The 5 Critical Elements for Local Marketing Success

What goes into a successful local marketing campaign? Best practices that have emerged focus on these five campaign elements:

  1. Listing management.

  2. Local SEO.

  3. Local landing pages.

  4. Reputation management.

  5. Paid search and social media.

Industry experts agree that accurate, up-to-date business location data is the lynchpin for all local marketing initiatives. Enterprises must first assess the health of every local data point, including business name, address, phone (a.k.a. “NAP”), and business hours. From there, more effective local landing pages, search optimization, monitoring of online reviews and ratings, and engaging in paid search and social advertising should follow.

Click here for a great article that discusses each of these campaign elements in more detail. When planned and executed as a five-step process, these elements can deliver an effective local marketing strategy for national brands with multiple locations.

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