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About Ashley

Hey y’all! I wanted to finally introduce myself to you. The woman behind the scenes and the owner of Ashlin Marketing. My name is Ashley and I am so excited to finally be showing you who I am as a person (beyond the brand).

I grew up as a competitive figure skater, followed by six years of coaching the sport I loved most. During my coaching years is when I found my love for marketing and that’s when I began my journey through college. I received both my BBA and MBA with concentrations in marketing from right here in Wichita (WSU).

After completing my BBA, I was lucky enough to accept a position as a Marketing Coordinator for Murphy Tractor. It was two years later that I was blessed enough to receive a job offer as a Marketing Manager for Berry Material Handling.

I spent several years in the field before deciding to start freelance work on the side, but when I did, it took off. In 2016, I began building my very own website and continuing to work on the side for family and friends. A year later is when I officially launched Ashlin Marketing.

Though I was forced to remove myself from all social media the following year, I was still hard at work behind the scenes building my business and portfolio. Logos, website maintenance, flyers, mailers, etc. You name it. I was doing it.

After finally being able to step back onto the social scene, I started heavily promoting Ashlin Marketing and my client list has slowly but surely grown. Not only have I gained new clients, but I am more than proud to say I have gained new friends along the way. Women who support me. Women who push me. Women who guide me (A few men have also had a large impact on my business too).

I used to call Ashlin Marketing “my little seed”. Well, folks, my little seed has turned into a full-time gig and it’s the most amazing thing to happen to me.

I am fun. I am energetic. I am bold. Everything about me is entwined with my business and I like it that way. If you or anyone you know needs help with marketing (whatever aspect it may be), be sure to let me know. I’d love to sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss my services with you.

Until then, enjoy! - Ashley

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