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Leave the hair with them at The Hairy Sofa! They are a comfortable, calm & upscale pet grooming salon with professional and superior staff. Every pet gets a professional bathing package, followed by a custom haircut by their exceptional groomers designed especially for your furry friend.


They strive to provide a high standard of grooming care to their pets, while providing compassion, kindness and individual attention to each. They create an environment of health, cleanliness and happiness. They aim to always behave in a professional manner towards their clients and be empathetic and understanding to their individual circumstances.


They believe it is their responsibility to help your pet, through training and encouragement, to have the best experience possible.  Grooming is a life-long commitment to your pet’s health and it should be as stress free and relaxing as possible. 

*Click the logo above and check out their website for additional information.*

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