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Hey everyone! I'm Ashley and I'm the owner of Ashlin Marketing. I graduated with my Associate's Degree from Cowley County Community College and continued my education at Wichita State University, where I earned both a BBA and MBA with concentrations in Marketing. I was blessed enough to earn my first full-time marketing job in the construction equipment industry upon graduating and have worked in the field since 2011. I have worked  with companies as a Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, and now Owner. I officially opened Ashlin Marketing in 2017 with the ultimate goal of being a marketer of choice throughout the mid-west and other areas around the country. 


My professional experience in both Accounting and Marketing has increased my level of expertise in many areas, which include design & branding, creating and carrying out yearly goals & strategies,  managing social media pages and much more. On a personal level, I am very laid back, yet full of excitement.  I come from a background as a competitive athlete, as I was a figure skater for more than 12 years. My drive and passion for success were instilled in me as a young child, as well as my work ethic and morals.  Not only did I have my parents guiding me in the right direction in life, but I also had coaches who drove me to succeed every step of the way.

My hope in life is to pass along everything I was taught as a young child to those around me and watch them flourish.  Anything I see as a challenge or opportunity is mine for the taking. If someone tells me I cannot do something, it only invokes my desire to prove I can.  Not only do I want to achieve my  dreams, but I strive to do it the best I can and with grace.  I was raised to appreciate everything in life and every day I wake up is a blessing. I live my life to the fullest and I always find something  each day to be happy about. 

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